If you or a loved one have suffered a serious head or brain injury we understand the devastating impact this can have on your life.

Head and Brain Injury

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious head or brain injury we understand the devastating impact this can have on your life. We understand that you will have many worries or unanswered questions. There are likely to be immediate financial commitments to make or a family to support. You will require the best medical treatment available. You will require assistance with rehabilitation and returning to work in the future.

We understand that pursuing a claim for compensation is an unfamiliar process for most people. What should you do? Who should you contact? Are you entitled to compensation at all and if so how much? What will it cost, if anything, to bring a claim?

Choosing the right solicitor to guide you through the maze and answer your questions in probably the most important decision you will make at this time. Your solicitor will be with you throughout the whole process, removing the stress and worries associated with your claim and positively assisting with treatment and rehabilitation to allow you to concentrate on your recovery. Finally as your claim nears its conclusion your solicitor will use their skill, knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive full and just compensation for the injuries you have suffered and their financial implications.

Henshaw Pratt Injury Solicitors are able and would love to help you at this difficult time. Our dedicated and experienced team of solicitors and barristers have the knowledge and expertise to handle your head injury claim effectively and deliver the results you deserve.

We offer so much more than compensation

We will help to provide:

  • Interim payments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aids/adaptations
  • Care and support
  • Alterations to your home.

How it works

To receive our help simply give us a call on our freephone number 0800 138 5431 or use the enquiry button at the top of the page. We will then arrange to see you where is the most convenient for you, whether that’s at your home, in hospital or at one of our offices.

At the first meeting we will take time to listen to your concerns and find out what’s really important to you. It’s not until we fully understand your particular circumstances that we can use our skill and expertise to provide the perfect solution for you. We will answer your initial questions and, if you are happy for us to do so we will begin work on your case without delay. We know, from experience, that the sooner we can begin work, the quicker your concerns can be dealt with and a better outcome achieved.

No Obligation

We would, however, suggest that you also use the first meeting to evaluate us and make sure you are happy for us to deal with the case for you. It is important that you have trust and confidence in us and that we are able to develop a good relationship and understanding with you. We are likely to be working together for some time. If you are not 100% happy you are under no obligation whatsoever to instruct us and there will be no charge at all for the time spent with you.

If you are happy for us to proceed we will carry out a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your accident and begin to evaluate your claim. Where there are financial concerns we will seek an early interim payment to ease your immediate worries. Where treatment is required we will engage rehabilitation experts to support and assist your recovery. Where changes are required to your home or if you require specialist care we will look to arrange funding and put the necessary measures in place.

The final stage of the process is to ensure that you receive full and just compensation for the injuries you have suffered. This can only be achieved once we are satisfied that you have completed your recovery and the full implications of your injuries are fully understood. At that point we can use our skills to negotiate the right settlement for you.

Why Choose Us

As a firm accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers we have signed up to a code of conduct that ensures the interests of you, the victim, are put first. APIL accreditation is a kitemark of competence and specialist expertise for solicitors dealing with personal injury claims. The firm was one of the first firms nationally to receive this award.

We have also developed a unique approach to head injury claims, in collaboration with senior barristers at Park Lane Plowden Chambers. Park Lane Plowden are the largest set of personal injury barristers in the North East of England and have been recognised nationally as the Personal Injury Barristers Chambers of the Year. An experienced barrister will be assigned to your case from the outset providing expert advice on strategy and evidence throughout. We believe that this combined approach leads to the best possible outcome in each case.

What Will It Cost


There are two basic types of funding we will consider using to pursue your claim, neither of which will cost you a penny personally.

You may already have insurance to cover the cost of legal representation. This is often included as an additional extra on household and motor insurance policies. We will explore this option with you and contact the insurers on your behalf to agree to our appointment.

Some insurers may seek to appoint their own preferred solicitors. However, please remember that it is your claim and you have the right to choose your own solicitor to pursue your head injury claim.

The second option is to pursue the claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement (often called a “No Win No Fee” Agreement). Again we will discuss this in some detail with you. However we operate the agreements so that there will be no personal cost to you, whether you win or lose the claim and, in the event of a successful claim, you will keep 100% of the compensation awarded.

What Next?

We would really love to help you start rebuilding you life. We are passionate about helping people who have suffered a head injury and will do everything within our power to achieve the results you deserve.

Please contact us today so that we can start the process with you. Let us answer your questions and put the necessary measures in place to support your recovery and secure your long term future.

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